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Your consultant: decided.

Corporate tax law is complex. Translated: the solution also often lies in a challenging corporate structure. This is what happens when you see risk as opportunity.

Corporate taxes

The challenge of corporate tax law lies in the fact that complex issues concerning different types of tax must be coordinated across companies. This either needs many consultants from different departments or just one who knows your group from the ground up. By the way, we believe that this should be a matter for the boss.

We prepare monthly reports for groups of companies or domestic subsidiaries of international groups, calculate and review tax provisions and deferred taxes, monitor due tax payments and take restrictions of foreign jurisdictions into account (e.g. dividend payments, financing expenses etc.). We have practical experience in advising well-known investors, e.g. from the USA, China, Russia, UAE, Canada and Europe, among others.

Our day-to-day business includes, for example, implementing fiscal unity for income tax and sales tax purposes, assisting with external audits, preventing the disclosure of hidden reserves, e.g. in the event of the unintentional termination of business splits in family-run groups, but also avoiding unintentional hidden profit distributions and balance sheet over-indebtedness.

Transaction and structuring consultancy

Transaction and structuring consultancy is often seen as the supreme discipline in corporate tax law. What counts here is absolute expertise, speed, a high degree of creativity and a deep understanding of the initial situation and the desired goal.

We take care of the implementation of holding structures, tax efficient group structuring under business management guidelines (e.g. divisional groups, separation of business areas, financing, etc.), the realisation of complex corporate structures, the legally watertight implementation of tax structuring, e.g. by means of binding information, the integration of atypical companies, employee shareholdings, the establishment of financing companies or the use of international relief possibilities.

In our opinion, a particularly high degree of empathy and strategic negotiation skills is necessary in this area in order to achieve your goals.

We have of course mastered the classic tasks, such as financial & tax due diligence, acquisition structuring, post-acquisition integration, contract drafting, conducting sales negotiations, etc.


Internationalisation is more than the use of anglicisms.

Internationalisation starts with an understanding of a different culture, requires a reliable network in the target country and only provides you with added value when the domestic and foreign jurisdictions' requirements are combined to form the very best structure.

The first points of contact regularly result from deliveries and services across borders within and outside Europe. We support you with turnover and customs law issues or with questions relating to withholding taxes or the establishment of permanent business premises.

We advise on the establishment of foreign subsidiaries and the avoidance of hidden profit distributions, prepare transfer pricing documentation, business premise profit calculations and tax burden comparisons, support your expats and inpats, deal with the refunding of domestic and foreign withholding taxes and supervise your foreign audit.