You perform at the highest level.
You can expect the same from us.

A high level of professional competence and restrictions imposed by professional law characterise your everyday life. Only a consultant who knows your typical professional requirements can then incorporate these into tax advice.


Are you venturing into self-employment? Congratulations! You are on your way to realising your own personal ideas and achieving financial independence. But be careful: more than just specialist expertise is required for you to be successful.

The first step is to observe the professional legal requirements, regardless of whether you are taking over a business or founding one yourself. We subsequently prepare a planning calculation for you, which establishes the necessary financing requirements. Our liquidity planning also gives you clarity and security with regard to your finances. Incidentally, you will not experience any surprises with our tax planning.

Do you want to grow? It's very simple: things must not be chaotic. If you have clear and efficient structures, qualified and motivated personnel, optimised accounting, meaningful bookkeeping and a suitable external image, not too much can go wrong.

The up-and-running business

You are now in a different phase. If you now imagine that everything will run by itself, you can expect some interesting experiences. We think you don't have to experience absolutely everything.

Your commitment should pay off. For this to be true, all the relevant parameters have to be correct. This requires a meaningful business analysis, from A for accounting to P for personnel costs and additional services. There are plenty of letters left in the alphabet…

Once you have achieved a high level of profitability, you are well on the way to real practical value. Now there is nothing standing in the way of you accumulating your private wealth.

And please think about building up sufficient retirement provision right now.

Taking on partners

From personal experience: taking on partners is in principle like a new foundation. An exciting time awaits you.

New priorities, distribution of tasks, coordination, specialisation, communication and the implementation of an efficient structure are now required.

If you have not come into contact with special or supplementary balance sheets or even the conversion tax law yet, then this is the time to do so. It doesn't have to be, but can be quite complex.

You probably know that there is not only the un-incorporated civil-law association (GbR-Gesellschaft). But do you also know which other forms of company can be a real alternative for your specific case? We consider partnership companies, Community health center (MVZ) or even corporations here.