The right decisions have made them successful. Keep up the good work.

We are aware of the importance of a strong representation of interests. Our consulting focuses on the solution, balancing conflicts at the same time, but always rigorously working towards the objective.

Your tax

You have achieved the ability to shape your life individually according to your ideas. You know it's the details that make the everyday extraordinary.

We are anything but ordinary. Our working day only comes to an end once we have found the right solution for you. A deep passion drives us.

It's actually quite simple: we take care of your timely and complete declaration. In our opinion, this goes without saying. But our claim goes beyond that. Experience shows that even a narrowly defined framework opens up numerous possibilities. 

We optimise transfers of assets, e.g. through usufruct, avoid speculative taxation, sidestep the pitfalls of qualifying private assets as business assets, ensure the deduction of maintenance expenses for income from renting and leasing and prevent taxation of real estate transactions in the context of commercial property trading.

There are so many other options, let's talk about them.

Your assets

We have great respect for the wealth you have built. We are aware of our responsibility.

Complex assets call for experienced consultants. We know that tax is a significant factor, but not the only one influencing successful investment decisions. We include factors such as return, risk diversification, liquidity, fungibility and liability in the overall assessment.

We provide comprehensive support to wealthy families' real estate companies, assist in the financing of larger investment projects, support in negotiations with investors or advise on tax efficient capital investment, e.g. in special funds.

In doing so, we work closely with a selected network of banks, notaries, lawyers and investment advisors.

Asset succession is of great interest to us.

We bear the needs and interests of both the incumbent owner and the successor in mind. A high degree of empathy is a prerequisite to find a good solution for everyone, even if there are several heirs / successors.

The tax burden can be significantly reduced, e.g. through preferential business assets, usufruct, the disclaimer of wills, adult adoption or the structuring of atypical silent partnerships or loans with profit participation.

Your family

The greater the family wealth, the more the cohesion and interest in the whole thing comes to the fore. This requires all the parties involved to share information.

We know that different ideas and interests can also create friction. That doesn't have to be a bad thing. It is once again important to find amicable solutions here, taking the top priority of preserving family assets into consideration.

Personal changes are often associated with strong emotions. We are familiar with these kinds of situations. Sometimes empathy is needed, sometimes a cool head. But in any case a strong partner by your side.