You see where you are today.
We see where you could be.

 Our roots are working with small and smaller enterprises.  Which is why we know that it takes more than just the processing of bookkeeping and annual financial statements. You need someone to talk to.

Taxes and finances

You have understood how to set priorities: you concentrate on what you are really good at and what you earn money with. You set yourself apart from your colleagues by having a strong commercial department: us.

We take care of the accounting, payroll and prepare your financial statement. IT naturally supports us in this work. Nevertheless: the potential for improvement can only be increased through our personal professional view.

Perhaps it's unusual for you to hear: our consulting services also include taking over the dunning process, preparing payment transactions, support with financing issues, setting up a cost centre accounting system, reporting, liquidity planning, planning calculations and support in applying for subsidies.

Special tax issues

Smaller companies in particular tend to underestimate the complexity and effects of tax-relevant issues. Unfortunately, tax law does not distinguish between companies according to their size.

In the first step, we avoid risks in the tax audit using a forward-thinking structure. Only something that is not properly planned can go really wrong. The second step is to prepare thoroughly for the tax audit. Once the auditor is at your company, we will not leave your side. At this point you benefit from our extensive experience from countless tax audits and our ambition to always want to know what is happening. We are well known for our persistence.

Growth is a challenge. Everything was clear so far but now nothing is working anymore. The processes used to be short now they're formal.

We support you in maintaining the necessary structures in every growth phase. Your company should quickly return to its old stability and efficiency but it should now be more profitable. 

Business consulting

We recommend that you work more on your company than in your company.

Are you satisfied with your profitability? Do the numbers tally and do you have your costs under control? Will your product still be competitive tomorrow?

For us, of course, digitisation starts with accounting. But digitisation means much more: it will be a question of efficiency and competitiveness in future. We check your business processes for the possibility of digitisation.

The centralised use of data is not only intended to automate processes but also to optimise them. This can considerably reduce the workload in the company.