If you are looking for advice on an equal footing, instead of just the Big Four.

As far as SMEs are concerned, the time for routine consultation is over. You need an experienced and professionally strong consultant who is also personally available for you.


As an SME, you may have different requirements for the consultant. After all, your challenges are greater as well. Whether it's for liability, rating, distribution, granting of credit or over-indebtedness issues, the commercial balance is always the main focus. Everything must be just right.

When preparing the financial statement, for example, we have a handle on the correct accounting of complex contractual arrangements, the valuation of your assets and liabilities, but also the use of options. At the same time, we do not lose sight of your key figures (such as the equity ratio) and keeping the data to be disclosed to a minimum.

Checklists are just the basis for ensuring completeness. We focus on the essential. An accurate balance sheet is of course important but our added value is to identify possible opportunities and existential risks at an early stage.

By the way, only tax consultants and auditors audit with us as a rule.

Advice on complex issues

Now just between us: how many times do you hear what is not possible? Sure, we know what is not possible. The trick is to find ways to reach the goal anyway. And sometimes it's not that complicated.

The biggest criticism of our profession is the lack of forward-thinking advice.

We advise on optimising complex supply chains with regard to value added tax, help to avoid unintentional hidden profit distributions, take account of real estate transfer tax in the case of restructuring and corporate succession, suggest the sensible integration or avoidance of company splits, provide forward-thinking advice in relation to input tax deduction issues, implement value added tax or income tax groupings in a sensible manner and prevent the unintentional disclosure of hidden reserves.

By providing binding information, we create legal certainty and work in close cooperation with the (supreme) tax authorities.

Sometimes it just happened.

From the point of view of the tax authorities, tax conclusions are drawn quickly from a given situation. However, it is often only after meticulous auditing that details emerge which make a different tax law assessment possible based on case law and commentary.

Persistence, negotiating skills and persuasiveness are critical to ensure that the correct professional assessment is made.

Support with strategic decisions

We do not make your decisions for you.

But the discussion with us should enable you to come to a decision with confidence and with a good feeling.

Growth phases mean far-reaching changes. This requires structures and processes to be adapted to the changing conditions. At this point you can of course continue as before. We have a different opinion on this.

From a tax point of view, we implement target-oriented corporate structures (e.g. tax efficient holding companies), provide support with the due diligence for target properties, integrate outside investors with legal certainty, advise on the choice of legal form, also with regard to liability limitation. 

It's great when the next generation is capable of continuing the family business tradition. But sometimes professional external management or sale is a good path.

Whichever way, a fair balance of interests between the incumbent owner and the transferee should be achieved in any case.

Succession is a good time to review the entire company in-depth in terms of future viability, processes, legal form and liability.